1, car consignment notes are there?
(1) whether owner customer or the principal carrier car transport business, legality must have ownership of the vehicle, if the vehicle caused by the illegal source of the illegal transfer and hot events, any dispute relating to the legal owner and principal are responsible for.
(2) whether owners of customer's friends or the principal carrier car transport business, when signing the contract with our company, you must provide original true original identity card and driving license. Then my company's preliminary inspection and determine the validity of the car, according to the business procedures and steps to operate step by step procedures for contract law.
(3) my company owners with customers or clients when signing the contract, must be in the client's face, inspect the vehicle exterior parts; there is no inspection of the results behind the endorsement contract, signed by the principal after confirmation.
(4) when checking the vehicle, the registration of cars onboard when the consignment goods, as documented and confirmed by both parties. While client must provide original identity card or original. While the registration of vehicle-kilometres, by the entrusting party hand over car keys, to reach its destination.
(5) when checked vehicles and car shipping, you must purchase insurance, insurance premium rate is 3 per thousand.
(6) for professional business transport company vehicles, carrier vehicles or cars soon after arrival, our drivers will advance to shift people to keep in touch. Ready for delivery, and facilitate the process of transition.
2, what is the transportation of goods vehicles?
car transporter is a specialized trucks, cars undergo a special modification, its rise is divided into upper and lower levels, when loading the cars four-round professional bandage on cars, thus ensuring the car smooth and safe during transport.