Plastic technology subsidiary intends to Nansha Logistics Center

  3rd, fo plastics technology (000973) notice, subsidiary of international supply chains in Guangdong province plans to invest 200 million yuan in Guangzhou Nansha Nansha Logistics Center in bonded logistics park construction and Czech project. This project will further strengthen the Czech company in plastic material bonded warehousing, logistics and distribution advantages of subcontracting and, and the formation of the company's main business up to complement each other.

in order to further expand the Czech company's logistics business, set up with the management capabilities of the integrated service platform of supply chain system, to adapt to the rapid development of the logistics industry in China, Czech company intends to invest in the Czech Republic in Nansha integrated logistics center project.

announcement, the project total investment of 200 million Yuan, the project location in Nansha, Guangzhou bonded logistics park, 6th block, the plots of land to Czech companies have achieved in October 2011, its warehouses, workshops, Office space, a total GFA of approximately 55615 square meters, the project construction period will be about 18 months. 200.06 million yuan in total investment, including Czech company the owner of Guangzhou Nansha bonded logistics park, 6th block about 36,400 square metres of land-use rights of land payments of 30 million Yuan, project 170.06 million Yuan is needed to adopt the following resolution: Czech companies with their own capital invested 33.56 million RMB and 136.5 million Yuan to Czech companies to borrow from banks to solve.

notes that the project has broad market prospect. After the project is completed, Czech company added revenues expected about 47.47 million yuan per year. The implementation of this project with the company "Twelve-Five" development goals, to expand the scale of business of Czech companies, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, enhance the economic benefits of Czech companies and companies. Not expected to 2014 for the company's financial position and results of operations have a significant impact.

in October 2013, in order to further improve the industrial chain, integrate existing logistics management platform and to avoid potential competition, fo plastics technology to the controlling shareholder of Guangxin holdings shares to acquire limited 55% equity of Guangdong international supply chain and agreed. Czech companies engaged in plastic material bonded warehousing, subcontracting and logistics and information services business, and plastic technology formed upstream of the main business relations. Czech companies as technology advanced service enterprises and enjoy the 15% of the corporate income tax. Expected Nansha integrated logistics center project, when completed, will benefit from future positive policies.

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