Logistics business create value for Haier
"Haier logistics has covered most parts of mainland China, including small towns and villages where there are no rivals to seize the market. Their logistics operation mode is what attracted us. "
  Weber also said that since its inception in Scout of emerging market funds, Haier has been one of the Fund's biggest positions. He said Haier doing research for the first time, valuations are concerned, all the appliance company Haier is an investor's dream. Meanwhile, companies such as Amazon and Alibaba need distribution products in mainland China, Haier is establishing valuable network of logistics operations, development potential is tempting, return on investment is very high, and, compared with other appliances industries, has a competitive advantage in logistics operation.
    "Haier took 20 years to establish logistics network, to anyone, in a reasonable period of time to repeat this experience is very difficult. We see sustainable competitive advantage and Haier have very good opportunities for development. When you are thinking about how to improve efficiency when Haier has already started work, and multiple cash flows are very low. Haier attract, this is our place. ”

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