Logistics 2 o'clock in the morning to 4 points as fans sent late-night snacks

because of a dense network of outlets, in addition to the conventional "next day", "scheduled" service, daily returned to those with special needs e-commerce customers with tailored logistics solutions.

for instance some organic vegetable business electrical contractor, they fail the package and can't throw, and on time delivery, and daily send outlets are situated in the community or in nearby communities, each site a coverage radius of 1-2 km, can do to make an appointment with the client, delivery within half an hour, there is no pressure.

for large quantities of fresh increase of daily send is gradually strengthening the fresh cold chain distribution service. Located in the sand under the pickup cartridge, devoted a chunk of cold storage, refrigerated cabinets in each site and purchased a lot of boxes, to ensure the cold storage conditions of road transport.

Next, send daily aimed at a restaurant takeout delivery. In fact, they have formed a partnership with hotel brands, and also pilot during this year's World Cup after supper and distribution, 2 o'clock in the morning to 4 points for fans to send late-night snacks, the effect is pretty good.

traditional print media advantages in distribution, being in need of electrical contractor looking to solve logistics problems. Last month, the poly-us partnership and the Beijing daily group company, both in logistics, distribution, e-commerce, data analysis and other areas of cooperation. Both sides will use the Beijing News said the Group of stores, equipment and personnel in Beijing area, establish logistics bases.

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