Lanzhou West freight station main building official Cap

Lanzhou West freight station project is by the provincial Department of transportation project, kangshun Land Development Corporation development and operation in Lanzhou, provincial development and Reform Commission agreed to implement major construction projects in May 2013, this item is included in the overall planning of the national highway transportation hinge in Lanzhou.

freight station independence since the 2012 project in Lanzhou, and highly valued by all levels of Government, the planning and construction work in an orderly fashion. After the main building complex capped, park construction will be greatly accelerated, from June 2015 road, bridge traffic in July 2015, implement the trial. By then, will promote the city's commodities wholesale and retail, will greatly ease the cargo truck parking, effectively reduce the impact of truck traffic in the city.

Lanzhou West freight station South of Lanzhou, located in the State-level zone, North of the old city, Lanzhou West toll station East of the 100 meters, and only 3 km to North marshalling station of Lanzhou, just 30 km from the Zhongchuan Airport, convenient location advantages. Total planning area of 1500 acres, total area of 210,000 square meters, when completed, is currently the largest logistics park in the West of Lanzhou.

as the State of "Silk Road" restart of the economic belt, Western economies will usher in a new round of development opportunities, Lanzhou will become the "Silk Road" logistics an important node in the cities in the economic belt, and as a Western Maryland's largest logistics park, freight station of Lanzhou, Lanzhou and logistics development in an important position in the West as a whole can not be replaced.

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