Jiayuguan cargo centre meticulous organization, staff training

recently, Jiayuguan cargo Center carefully organized, training of personnel, supply of surveys, waybill collar, system upgrades, check the Steering and guidance for guarantee work, steadily promote bulk express work.

the Centre, through video training, focus on learning, knowledge competitions, such as forms, organizations, managers and operational personnel to seriously study the bulk cargo transportation organization of Lanzhou Railway Administration (for trial implementation) 5 files, such as, a shorter time to master the bulk transportation of category scope, conditions and billed. Rapid survey, 108 full row of touch tube category supply manufacturer product name, category, and station information. Do a new waybill lead, system upgrades and debugging work, preparations were completed within a shorter time. East and West set up two regional marketing group, led by members of the team deep into the tube production of 108 enterprises to carry out research and marketing of such goods to promote Railway Express transit period of transport prices, advantages, understand the manufacturers ' production capacity, production, transport and price, active contract 108 supply ensure the completion of bulk transportation tasks.

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