Heihe-Russia Blagoveshchensk cargo floating solid ice channel officially opened

   on December 1, the heihe-Russia Blagoveshchensk cargo pontoon official opening of solid ice channel, opened a month earlier than last year.

it is learnt that the buoyancy tanks laying solid ice channel on November 24 this year completed more than 650 meters wide and 13 meters in length, made up of 9 barges connected, accessible vehicle total weight is not more than 40 tonnes of bicycle.

Black River is a national kind of port, and Russia just across the River from the State capital city, Heilongjiang flow every year before and after the last glacial maximum in about two months ' time for customs clearance, seriously restricting the development of border trade and tourism between the two places. In order to achieve Russian ports in the year switch,-Russian city of heihe River pontoon solid ice channel in June 2011 and to start the construction, first opened in April 2012.

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