Fukuda new era of light commercial vehicles opens multiple industry logistics

  since 2009 "light logistics city" concept was born in the city of retail logistics development forum, light around the light development of the logistics industry and logistics vehicle transportation, became one of the hot topics of the logistics industry. City light logistics, is characterized by a light rapid transport road freight logistics mode of modernization, which is characterized by professional, efficient.

  city light logistics are closest to people daily logistics, logistics system can be divided into commercial distribution, e-commerce Express. Good light in city logistics must have the "3S" features: the Professional (Special), mobile (smart), light and compact (small). The distribution key transport models in the current logistics market in light of the city, vehicles often need depending on the distribution, improve handling efficiency, stable operation and multipoint distribution of discharge need to do professional design, specific models require construction and retrofitting facility is also different from the General Logistics vehicles.

    logistics vehicles belonging to the special vehicle category, relating to people's livelihood. However the current domestic market, both product technology and in the policy environment, hinder the development of the car industry. City light logistics market has many problems: vehicle logistics freight vehicle equipment not adapted to the international metropolis of modern logistics development, private cars less ordinary cars, and vehicle technology were generally lower, does not meet the requirements of efficient transport of freight market segmentation and specialization, while vehicle exhaust, appearance, logos and modern city has a large gap. And the reason for these problems, on the one hand is the urban logistics on the private car in production in China has formed a certain scale, but most of the special-purpose vehicle products are labour-intensive and low technology products, therefore, in the power, durability and driving and operations integration, intelligence and other areas there is still a gap compared with developed countries.

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